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I did the clown nose a whole 2 years earlier than Sam Rockwell :-)
Infernal Biker - Harley Wheels of Fire! by HexenStar
Infernal Biker - Harley Wheels of Fire!
At last! The front cover for the Rebel Road album is finished!
Which is my next step in practicing fire effects and once again
making Nicholas Cage references :-) 
I actually have another fire-work in making...

Special thanks to Dave, who supplied the Harley-Davidson motorcycle;
Too bad he sold it now...but - he'll have quite the memo of it with this one!

Kudos to Rock-n-Roll Levi, our second singer, who will be center-stage in our
upcoming hard-rocking Johnny B Goode custom-video cover. Well, and he is 
the one on the bike in this red-hot journey, lol.

From 15th of august - all music and video content will be downloadable from
our website  - 
including a supersized front-cover in ultra-high quality.

I'll update this page with the link as well.

Rebel Road back cover complete by HexenStar
Rebel Road back cover complete
The same post-apocalyptic back cover, only in it's original version - with the tracklist
which you may now check out :-)

Obviously i was (and always am) inspired by the futuristic techno-punk things with
dystopian wasteland-warriors kind of theme. Mad Max, Borderlands and Fallout-3 say hello.
Besides, I always wanted to have a kind of my own personally customized Mad-Max style, well , i have one now!  Not sure it would drive though, but as a place for ambush
or a rock concert stage decoration - it would definitely do!

Rebel Road  (album back cover) inspired by Mad Max by HexenStar
Rebel Road (album back cover) inspired by Mad Max
On 15th of approaching august 2016 we are finally(!) releasing two
side-by-side non-profit music albums (Rock-n-Brawl! and Rebel Road).

One of them is dedicated entirely to the classic Streets of Rage and Double Dragon, while the other features
hyper-enhanced tracks from Megadrive Super Hang-On and some additional known (and less known) rock covers.
Even though we are merely students of the sound science, but i think that we are ready to pleasantly surprise
the fans with both the dedicated creativity and quality of the projects, as well as some very cool special custom
made videos.

And so, i am glad an proud to present the first fruits of the cover art
that will accompany the albums. This is the back cover for the album
"Rebel Road". My friends immediately asked to have a version of it without
the track names, so here we go. Although i was about to do it anyway :-)

The albums will be available for download on august 15th,
as usual, - from our website

the site is undergoing some updating and partial redesign now,
so be patient ; the changes are being worked on as we speak.


HexenStar's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
"I'm what was and never will be,
ancient flame that now is lost,
of this giant masquerade ball
i'm the master and the host"

Most of my conscious life (which started rather late) i've been involved in several arts of this or other kind. That, however, is not to say that i was some kind of an art prodigy. Quite the contrary, because i grew up in a family where any art was condemned and strongly discouraged, while music was forbidden.

It took me an enormous amount of time and a great deal of help, guidance and inspiration from friends and mentors (for which i am very grateful) to break free from this psychological evil circle created by my cursed family. Even longer to dare and tread the roads which forever beckoned me into the creative realms, yet were denied and deprived by forces i had no control of.

Despite that, i make a habit of proving the world wrong - and this fight is not an exception. Though with difficulties and an immense loss of time that was stolen from my youth, - i wage the war and heed the quest of conquering the artistic paths of my dreams.
Perseverance is one card i learned to play well.

Presently i am involved with music performance and studies, recording/sound and music production, photo-manipulation, graphic design, songwriting(lyrics), game mod design, and video-production/direction. And i run our hard-rock band.
Without creative adventures - life does not have enough value.

Best Regards to Everyone,
Rock Hard, Play Harder!!!
~Hexen Star

Favourite genre of music: Shred Metal, Electric Guitar Virtuoso
Favourite photographer: many, all are Norwegian
Favourite style of art: Dark/Gothic Fantasy, Steampunk, Dystopian, Heavy Metal
Operating System: WinXP forever
MP3 player of choice: the loud kind
Shell of choice: 12-gauge
Wallpaper of choice: Rebel Road back cover
Skin of choice: pale with freckles :)
Favourite cartoon character: Jason Voorhees
Superpowers: can keep ultra calm against all odds, make people laugh
Personal Quote: Those guilty of envy will never admit it, because they are also devoid of honor
I guess this chapter of creative efforts is clearly characterized by all things Hexen. The Marine Mod, Legend 8.1, further development of Deathkings Rage, the new Wrath of Magic update and a super-intense finalization work on our parallel twin music albums which have been in delays like forever. All because of the singers! Sometimes we'd just remain instrumental lineup and that would be it, but the desire to do traditional metal and power metal requires a powerful singer, who could deliver results on a top notch scale....which is problematic, because we are surrounded by wannabes and enormous bad luck. I hope it improves with tomorrow's auditions...

But, on the bright side, i have finished the extensive work on the Marine Mod for Hexen which was an ambitious multi-faceted project and i am quite happy with it. And, i am working on another complex drawing which i intend to give away as a present to one of my friends. So far it is going pretty good, but...let's not jinx it :-)
For those who are familiar with our last year's "No Holds Barred" cover and video tribute - good news here also: a significantly improved album version of the song is to be uploaded to youtube very soon, probably upon the album's release (which is free for everyone to download). The album version features vastly different proper drums, better mix and an additional piano solo.

In the video department, also - two parallel lines are going for some of our songs, the Johnny B Goode super-remake and a tribute to classic beat-em-up games with a martial arts kind of video; and a good part of both we have already completed.
These next couple of months should be very busy, and fruitful too, with a lot of completed projects on all fronts. And some of which will be final so that i can finally retire from some of these activities and focus on becoming a sound-recording professional which i was delaying for way more than i'd like to.

Last but not least, i want to take a moment to thank my friend 'MVM Doc' who helped me with
modeling for the Marine Mod photoshoots. I hope one day he will consider to take a break from all of
that sparkly and bland next-gen stuff and take the time to play the legendary old-school shooter with
his own character too (who is pretty badass) :-)

Stay tuned,
There is much more to come!
  • Listening to: Andy James, Theodore Ziras, Bob Katsionis!
  • Reading: Music theory study books and Kenneth Bulmer.
  • Watching: Mysteries of Laura, Bad Judge, 1990s Steven Seagal
  • Playing: Hexen:The Marine Mod, Legend of Grimrock 1&2
  • Eating: what kinda stupid question is that?
  • Drinking: Caffeine drinks!

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hey ^^ i see your mod page... and dude...

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Happy birthday!
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Thank you for the watch:heart::hug:
HexenStar Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome!
The pleasure (and honor) is all mine :)

Beauty is only one half of the equation,
presentation is always the other.
Liamythesh Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
be sure to check out the heretic redesign contest at :iconheretichexen-group: :D
HexenStar Featured By Owner May 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

sorry for replying so late, there has been too much work in both
creative and mundane battlefronts.
I actually have been doing Heretic (and Hexen) game redesign
since early 2002 and until late 2010. Done that alone and with
various team members. (though i am kinda retiring from that now)
It's called "Heretic:Wrath of Magic" and
"Hexen: Legend the Glory of Battle". You might want to check them out.
Right here at my old good site:
They've been around for quite a while and it's a really neat stuff.

Have fun!
Gh0st-0f-Me Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012
happy birthday :)
HexenStar Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! An interesting fact is that every year there is always a completely different and unexpected list of people who wish me a happy birthday. Except for my best friend and a bandmate - the rest is always an unpredictable surprise.
And coming from an arts master such as yourself is a pleasant surprise at that :)

Rock Hard, Play Harder!
Gh0st-0f-Me Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2012
Thank you too :):hug:
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